The Science Behind Our Experience Shows

All models aged 42-55, after at least one year of HTT.

Heterochronic transfusion therapy



Dr. Susan Greenfield, MD, MSCR

Age: 52

Heterochronic Transfusion Therapy (HTT) is the 21st-century extension of discoveries first made by scientists in the 1860s and refined over the last 150 years. Within the last five years, advances in technique and the science of blood transfusions have reduced risk and magnified benefits. Besides its remarkable rejuvenating effects, HTT is currently used in oncology to provide relief from otherwise untreatable cancers, It is also being explored as treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. But HTT's increasing popularity among Hollywood stars and the world's top models, who have embraced it as a way to recapture and preserve the youthful look required for lengthened careers, is really the driving force behind this technology's global adoption.

Our Rejuvi.me therapeutic protocols have demonstrated the striking benefits resulting from medically administered transfusions of young blood or blood plasma on cognitive function, synaptic plasticity, neurogenesis, and cerebral vasculature. As importantly from a cosmetic and life extension perspective, HTT provides a regenerative effect on all observed tissues, including organs, skeletal and muscle cells, and skin.

Beauty may be skin deep, but youth and vigor go all the way to the bone!